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THERE! (Finally.)
The Seventh Seal has been broken!  The last DAZ Studio compatibility issue has been resolved.  After the most extensive beta testing in our company history, I’m happy to report that now we have the Universal Sizing Apparatus compatible with DAZ studio. READ MORE>

New SpaceArt Posted
New Space Art Gallery Page
CGI artwork is now on the new Gallery Page, and I will no longer be featuring new Illustrations on the home page , except sometimes.

A Short Review of NetObjects 12.0
NetObjects 12.0 is an absolutely wonderful program for creating a new web site! That being said, it is an absolutely horrific program for updating an existing HTML web site.  But that may have been my fault, READ  MORE>
Tech Articles Have Moved
All my technical writing has now been moved to my ”Ben’s A.I. Blog” Section. Nothing new there yet, but there will be soon,  GO TO THERE>

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