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Science Fiction

I write. These days it’s a lot of technical writing, but there was a time when it was a lot of science fiction writing. At one point I even tried to become a “professional science fiction author” (and I have the rejection letters to prove it). I have a bookshelf full of finished and unfinished manuscripts and stories. Some of it quite good, at least I thought so. And I’ve decided to publish it all ... right here, at

Now, I’ll only be able to get these online as I have time publish and illustrate them, and, what with the new web site and all, it will be a while before I can get to that. But we can start with this, a story rejected by both Analog, and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I give you:

Probability Points the Other Way
A Short Story
I was just a child when it started. I really didn't understand any of it. All I remember was Mother gathering all of us and hurrying us to the lightship. I asked why and she didn't answer. Then workers grabbed me a put me in one of those liquid-filled pods that was supposed to protect me. They closed the lid and it was dark. I was just a child.  I really didn't understand any of it.  READ MORE >

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