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And Who I'm Not

Back in 2007, when I was first making this website, I thought it would be fun to find “all the other Ben Margolis’” and assemble us all on one page for you, the web viewing public, to enjoy.  First, I Googled the name, and then I performed journalism (gathering, verifying, organizing, summarizing, and reporting) the result was a page I entitled “Who I’m Not.”

In my research I found three doctors, four lawyers, two accountants, one lawyer who became an accountant, at least two database programmers (myself included) and at least four web publishers (myself included).  It appears that you can have a man named Ben Margolis make a web site for you in all four corners of the United States (perhaps we should start franchising.) 

I have not found any murderers, rapists, members of Congress or Catholic priests.  My point here is that if you’re considering dating a man named Ben Margolis, you’re probably pretty safe.

But all of that was five years ago. In the intervening time two things have happened;  one, social networking has taken off (every Ben Margolis is now on the web four times, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin etc.) And two, information aggregation websites have scrubbed every single name from every single state, county, and local government document for the last fifty years.  One such website actually lists my “current address ” as a place that I worked at for six months in 1987.  And they want $10.00 for this “report.” (Caveat  emptor!)

And so I’ve given up.  I can no longer tell who is who, which Twitter feed goes with which Facebook page, or how many of us are retired and living in Florida (at least two, and not me, although I am in Florida).  I will say that Linkedin seems to have a pretty good list of those of us who are still alive and working, if that helps

But I have also not given up.  I want to be the ultimate Internet reference to all people named Ben Margolis.  So if your name is Ben Margolis all you have to do is send me a link and I will list you on this page.  (I originally wanted to give everyone named Ben Margolis a page on this website but I just can’t figure out how to do that with this web publishing program! If you have any ideas about that let me know.)

(I’m compiling links now and we’ll publish them soon)
If you’re interested, you can visit the original 2007 Who I’m Not page oldpagebtn

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