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NUSAW-DAZScreenshot1ovember 18 2013:
By Jove, I think we’ve got it!

We’ve been working on getting the Universal Sizing Apparatus/Woman to work in DAZ Studio for several weeks. We bought books on DAZ content creation. Then we went and found the authors of those books and asked them more questions. We’ve contacted some of the best minds in the Poser and DAZ universes. Some told us “yeah, DS is wonky that way,” another said, “The solution applied fits Poser, I'm concerned that [it] is incompatible with Daz Studio.”  Did we give up? Nah

Twenty seven versions later (specifically,  “UniSizeW-ver27-DAZ-Fix2b”)I am proud to announce:  we have a DUF file that works! Mathematically accurate AND stable in DAZ Studio!

There is still a little work to do. We’ll be sending a beta version to our DAZ users in the next day or two, and we have to package it up for distribution.  But you can expect Universal Sizing Apparatus/Woman: Update One to be hitting website hopefully by the weekend.

Update One will also include some new stuff for Poser users, too. We’ve fixed the Control-D Dropping problem, and we’re making some corrections to the Manual. (It turns out Victoria 4 isn’t quite as tall as we thought.) And, now that we are past those problems, we can get back to work on Universal Sizing Apparatuses for Man, Furniture, and Vehicles. So watch this space for a whole slew of new products coming very soon.


October 19, 2013:
NR3DSocailaIco1a-150ew Website, New Products, New Blog!
Hi, for those of you who don’t know, I’m Chief Developer at Rocketship 3D.  But that is not to say that I *am* Rocketship 3D, there are several of us; tech support personnel, office management people, network admins, database engineers, and even specialists who work for us from the exotic lands of the Orient (which is to say I know a few really good coders in China).   But my role as Chief Developer means I’m the guy responsible for PzDB, The Universal Sizing Apparatus, and the many other tools we’ll be trotting out in the months and years ahead  at

So with those new products, and the new website, I decided to start a new blog that I’ll be cross-posting from my personal website, My goal is  keep all of you up to date on the latest developments about  PzDB and everything we’re doing  at Rocketship 3D. I hope to keep it updated about once a week. (ok, maybe once every other week ... would you believe every third Wednesday?)

So, what are we doing this week?  Well, the PzDB 1.3 Beta test is well underway, and while work continues on the Universal Sizing Apparatus, we’ve paused to see if we can solve compatibility issues with DAZ Studio.  We really thought a simple CR2 character would work in any program. But now that DAZ refers to them as “legacy parametric characters” it seems we’re going to have special .DUF Apparatuses.  (If you have experience converting .CR2 characters to .DUF characters we’d  really like to hear from you.)

That’s all for this week...  now get back to work.

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