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The Database that Thinks
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"I am endeavoring, ma'am, to create a mnemonic memory circuit, using stone knives and bearskins."
Spock , Star Trek  Episode "The City on the Edge of Forever"

In short, I have created real, working Artificial Intelligence using nothing but an off-the-shelf database program. This is, I believe, the world's only Neural Network Simulator native to Microsoft Access.

It is a fully functional three-layer perceptron comprised entirely of VBA subs and functions, Access tables, and SQL queries.

Status: (Updated 2/2008)
Works, learns, proven. Training is a little slow (okay, very slow). Interface, testing and data I/O could be more "robust." Several things still NYI, and I have now taken the entire project in a new direction for my own NN experimentation. (see: Version 3)

Why did you do it, lad?!
Two reasons: One, to teach myself about neural nets in the only programming language I really understand. And two, because I wanted a neural net application that I could quickly and easily implement in the kind of Access apps I write for my clients. After searching for one to buy and/or license, I quickly decided that to writing my own neural net within Microsoft Access was a better solution.

Can I (you) get my hands on this?
Yes you can! Any Access developer who wants to help with the project can have a copy of either version 2 or 3. (with a use-but-don’t-resell license) All you have to do is to help me implement ANY of the NYIs.


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